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Mariotti, A. (2012)
Local System, Networks and International Competitiveness: from Cultural Heritage to Cultural Routes.
Almatourism - Journal of Tourism, Culture and Territorial Development, 3(5), 81–95
Shultz, L., Abdi, A., A., & Richardson, G., H. (EDS.)(2011)
Global Citizenship Education in Post-Secondary Institutions.
New York: Peter Lang Verlag
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Globalizations and Education: Collected Essays on Class, Race, Gender, and the State. .
New York: Teachers College Press
Sharma, N. (2008)
Makiguchi and Gandhi: their educational relevance for the 21st century.
Maryland, Lanham: UPA, Rowman & Littlefield
Abdi, A., Shultz, L.(Co-Eds.)(2008)
Educating for Human Rights and Global Citizenship.
New York: Suny Press
Torres, C. A., & Noguera, P. (Eds.). (2008)
Social justice education for teachers: Paulo Freire and the possible dream.
Leiden: BRILL
Shultz, L. (2007)
Educating for global citizenship: Conflicting agendas and understandings.
Alberta Journal of Educational Research, 53 (3), 248-25