The Chair offers an innovative educational offer, focused on education for global citizenship. The international scope of the courses opens up cutting-edge research paths.


Teaching in English in the Master's Degree in Wellness, Sport and Health.
Rimini Campus

The course offers in-depth studies and skills on the main studies and research related to education and sports culture, on outdoor education, the analysis of social and educational contexts, on active citizenship, interculture, sustainability.


Teaching in Italian in the Master's Degree in sports’ Management .
Bologna Campus

The course introduces the debate on Global Citizenship within the framework of current research lines and educational policies; it also aims to explore global citizenship education practices developed around the world.

General Pedagogy

Teaching in Italian in the First cycle degree programme (L) in Exercise and Sport Science
Rimini Campus

The course introduces the basic concepts of educational experience and the relationship between pedagogy and educational science.
Special emphasis is placed on general and intercultural pedagogy. Students will acquire the basic pedagogical knowledge and skills that will enable them to independently design and manage an educational pathway in the field of motor and recreational sport, both in school and out-of-school contexts, especially in heterogeneous and multicultural contexts.

Bertinoro - Summer School 2022 - GCED


International Summer School Researching Global Education and Learning: Using literature.

From June 21 to 24, 2022, the summer school in English will be held between Bertinoro and Bologna, dedicated to the deepening of methodologies for the systematic analysis of literature.
Summer School organized in collaboration with ANGEL aims to provide students with a theoretical outline of Global Education research, as well as practical skills for systematically reviewing literature, drawing on ANGEL established experience and looking at future developments.