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Berbeglia, P. (2020).
Se anche l’Europa dimentica la scuola.
Vita 22/6/2020
Milana, M. (2023).
Il ruolo sociale dell’educazione tra emancipazione ed empowerment. .
Cultura pedagogica e scenari educativi, 1(1) suppl., 198-203.
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A focus on international education and global citizenship. .
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Becoming inclusive, creative and active global citizens .
COSMIC, pp. 15-19. Kuala Lumpur: Soka Gakkai Malaysia.
Sharma, N. (2023, June 30)
Research on education at the Soka Amazônia Institute is presented at a UNESCO conference .
Instituto Soka Amazonia.
Namrata Sharma in Faggioli, R. (Host). (2023, August 22).
A value-creating approach. Dialogues with the advisory board: Interview with Namrata Sharma.
In GLOCITED. University of Bologna.
Sharma, N. (2023). In Lang-Wojtasik, G. and Bastian, T. (Eds.).
Tsunesaburo Makiguchi (1871-1944).
in Friedenshoffnung Weltbürgertum. Fünfzig Porträts [Hope for Peace, Global Citizenship. Fifty portraits]. Ulm: Klemm+Oelschläger, (pp. 109-115).
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Jagdish Gundara: broadening the field of intercultural studies at the Institute of Education (London) .
London Review of Education, 20(1), 17.
Sharma, N. - (2023)
Integrating planetary citizenship as a cross-curricular theme and a whole-school approach: using a value-creating approach to learning.  .
International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning, 15(1).
Bourn, D. & Soysal, N. edited by Thomas Walker, Khaled Tarabieh, Sherif Goubran, Gabrielle Machnik-Kekesi
Education for Sustainable Development as Part of the Initial Training of Teachers in the UK. In Sustainable Practices in Higher Education..
Palgrave Macmillan, 73-91.
Bourn, D. (2023)
Research in Global Learning: Methodologies for global citizenship and sustainable development education.
London , UCL Press
Bourn, D. & Hatley,J. (2023)
Civil society organisations and Target 4.7 of the SDGs: towards intersectionality for promoting a more just and sustainable world International .
Journal of Development Education and Global Learning Vol.15,2,103-114
Bourn, D., Kalsoom, Q., Soysal ,N., Ince, B. (2023).
Student Teachers’ Understanding and Engagement with Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in England, Türkiye (Turkey) and Pakistan. .
Development Education Research Centre Research Report 23, London Development Education Research Centre
Cappi, V., Musarò, P. (2022)
Awareness campaigns to deter migrants: a neoliberal industry for symbolic bordering, in: Refugee Externalisation Policies: Responsibility, Legitimacy and Accountability. .
London and New York, Routledge, 2022, pp. 171 - 188 
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Culture as deconstruction and participation? Reflections from a field…in Transition. .
Cultural Change in Post-Migrant Societies, Berlin, Springer Cham, pp. 219 - 236
Giacomelli,E., Magnani, E., Musarò,P., Walker, S. (2023)
Crisi climatica, mobilità e giustizia sociale. Voci e storie dal Senegal.
Bologna, Derive Approdi
Musaro, P. & Parmiggiani,P. (2022)
Ospitalità mediatica. Le migrazioni nel discorso pubblico.
Milano, FrancoAngeli
Moralli, M.,Musarò, P., Paltrinieri, R.,Parmiggiani, P., (2021)
Creative resistance. Cultural practices, artistic activism and counter-hegemonic narratives on diversity.
STUDI CULTURALI, 2021, 2, pp. 163 – 181
Musarò,P., Papastergiadis, N., Peja, L. - (2022)
MIGRATIONS / MEDIATIONS. Promoting Transcultural Dialogue through Media, Arts and Culture..
Milano, vita e pensiero, pp. 156 . [curatela]
Tolomelli, A. (2021) Ed.
A. Boal, Metodo e pratica per un teatro politico. .
Roma: Dino Audino Editore, 2021, ISBN: 9788875274641, pp. 149.  
Tolomelli, A. (2021)
Prefazione in: Salinaro M., Temporanei Permanenti. Migranti e operatori dell'accoglienza: paradossi politici e traiettorie pedagogiche.
Foggia: Edizioni del Rosone, pp. 5-13.