Editorial Series on Global Citizenship Education

GLOCITED is an editorial project for the scientific dissemination on topics related to Global Citizenship Education (GCE), developed with the aim of stimulating ideas, projects and alliances.

Researchers, teachers, policy makers, activists and educators are invited to share their knowledge, teaching and research experiences, as well as to express doubts, thoughts and reflections. The form and rhythm of communication will be agile and flexible, while the content will maintain academic rigour.

A value-creating approach
Dialogues with the Advisory Board: Interview with Namrata Sharma
Keywords: Value-creating approach, Non-western perspective, GCE
Raffaella Faggioli 22/08/2023

The empowering journey as a tool for GCE.
Dialogues with the Scientific Committee: Interview with Pierluigi Musarò
Keywords: GCE, Mobility Justice, Cultural Dialogue
Luca Vittori 19/07/2023


Francesca Aloi , Phd student - Bologna University
Valeria Cotza, Phd student -  Milano Bicocca University
Giulia Filippi, PhD student - University of Bozen-Bolzano
Stefania Moser, PhD student - University of Bozen-Bolzano
Carla Inguaggiato, Research Fellow - Bologna University
Marcella Terrusi, Assistant Professor - Bologna University
Annalisa Quinto, Research Fellow - Bologna University
Diego Posada, PhD student - Padova University


Luca Vittori, Bologna University

Raffaella Faggioli, Bologna Unviersity
Francesca Rapanà, Verona University
Francesco Izzo, Art Professor, IC Civezzano (TN)

How To submit

GLOCITED is an editorial project on global citizenship education that brings together original Italian and English publications.


Accepted contributions: text (articles, interviews, educational experiences, grey material, book reviews, seminar and conference reports), multimedia (video, audio) and images (photographs, drawings, infographics, visual spots, PPT presentations).

GLOCITED falls under the terms of the Open Access licence.

To submit a contribution or ask for information please write to: