Global Citizenship Education: from research to policy

On 8th June the SOLIDAR Foundation launched its annual work on Global Citizenship Education, a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of GCE in the run-up to the European elections. It was an opportunity to bring together policy makers, experts and civil society representatives to stimulate debate on existing knowledge and practices. In this context, Marcella Milana brought an academic perspective to bear, highlighting that global citizenship education as a political right would benefit from more knowledge and methods to enable its implementation by teachers. The full report is available here.

On 16th November, SOLIDAR is organising a hybrid conference on “Global Citizenship Education: From Research to Policy“, also at the European Parliament, where Marcella Milana will present a policy paper on Global Citizenship Education and Recommendations. If you are interested in attending – or know others who might be – you can register for the online event using this form.