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Namrata Sharma

Sharma, N. (2021)
Gandhi, value creation, and global education: Intercultural perspectives on education for citizenshipIn. Teaching and learning in higher education: The context of being, interculturality and new knowledge systems (pp. 237–247) .
Bingley: Emerald Publishing
Sharma, N. (2021, February 23)
From Buddha to Tagore and Gandhi: Value-creating curricula in India.
In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education. Oxford University Press
Vilela, M. (Host). (2021, October 19)
Namrata Sharma: Finding the linkages between global citizenship education, education for sustainable development and value creating education.
In Earth Charter Podcast: Turning conscience into action [Audio podcast]. Earth Charter International
Sharma, N. (2020)
Integrating Asian perspectives within the UNESCO-led discourse and practice of global citizenship education: Taking Gandhi and Ikeda as examples.
Bloomsbury handbook on global education and learning (pp. 90-102). London: Bloomsbury Academic
Sharma, N. (2020)
Value-creating global citizenship education for sustainable development: Strategies and approaches.
Cham: Palgrave Macmillan
Sharma, N. (2018)
Value-creating global citizenship education: Engaging Gandhi, Makiguchi, and Ikeda as examples.
Cham: Palgrave Macmillan
Sharma, N. (2008)
Makiguchi and Gandhi: their educational relevance for the 21st century.
Maryland, Lanham: UPA, Rowman & Littlefield