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Alessandro Tolomelli

Barone, P., Tolomelli, A., & Antonelli, F. (2021)
Adolescences. Cultural upstream directions for a pedagogical view of adolescence.
Encyclopaideia, 25(61), 1–2
Tolomelli, A. (2021)
Adolescence does not exist. Guidelines for a Pedagogical Problematicism of adolescence.
Encyclopaideia, 25(61), 11–19
Tolomelli, A., & Antonelli, F. (2019)
Dalla dispersione alla disuguaglianza scolastica: un cambio di paradigma.
Scholé: rivista di educazione e studi culturali, 2, pp 192-209
Tolomelli, A. (2019)
"Rimuovere gli ostacoli…" Per una pedagogia di frontiera.
Pisa, ETS
Adams, N.C., Snyder-Young D., & Tolomelli A. (2019)
Academia: theater of the oppressed in colleges and universities.
The Routledge Companion to Theatre of the Oppressed, London: Routledge, Chap 39.
Tolomelli, A. (2016)
Theatre of the oppressed: linking research, political commitment and pedagogical perspectives.
Florianopolis, Revista Internacional Interdisciplinar INTERthesis, 13(03), 43-60.