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Carlos Alberto Torres

Arnove R.F., Torres, C.A., & Misiaszek, L.I.(Eds) (2022)
Comparative Education. The Dialectic of the Global and the Local, (5th edition).
Pennsylvania: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Torres, C.A. (2021)
Introduction by Carlos Alberto Torres. Education for Critical Consciousness.
London: Bloomsbury Academic
Torres, C. A., & Bosio, E. (2020)
Critical Reflections on the Notion of Global Citizenship Education. A dialogue with Carlos Alberto Torres in relation to higher education in the United States.
Encyclopaideia, 24(56), 107–117
Torres, C.A. (2017)
Theoretical and Empirical Foundations of Critical Global Citizenship Education (1st ed.).
New York: Routledge
Tarozzi, M. and Torres, C.A. (2016)
Global citizenship education and the crises of multiculturalism: Comparative Perspectives.
(London, Bloomsbury)
Torres, C. A. (2009)
Globalizations and Education: Collected Essays on Class, Race, Gender, and the State. .
New York: Teachers College Press
Torres, C. A., & Noguera, P. (Eds.). (2008)
Social justice education for teachers: Paulo Freire and the possible dream.
Leiden: BRILL