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Lynette Shultz

Shultz L., Tarozzi M., Karsgaard C., Inguaggiato C. (Eds), 2021
Europe and North America Regional GCED Network, Research Report.
APCEIU, BKMC, CGCER, and IRC-GloCEd, 2021, ISBN (e-book) 979-11-87819-52-3
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UNESCO ASPnet Schools, Global Citizenship Education, and Conviviality as a Tool to Live Together on a Shared Planet.
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Global Citizenship and Equity: Cracking the Code and Finding Decolonial Possibility.
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Global Citizenship Education: A Critical Introduction to Key Concepts and Debates.
London: Bloomsbury
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Global Citizenship, Common Wealth and Uncommon Citizenship.
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Educating for Human Rights and Global Citizenship.
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Educating for global citizenship: Conflicting agendas and understandings.
Alberta Journal of Educational Research, 53 (3), 248-25